STATUS : Completed
LOCATION : Chennai

This is a terrace covered in to a yoga studio,The combination of Chettinad ambiance, terracotta tiled roof, Athangudi tiles, sculptures, custom-made furniture, detailed wooden and stone columns, and ample natural light and ventilation creates a peaceful and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for practicing yoga.

The use of traditional materials and design elements from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, India, such as terracotta tiles and wooden and stone columns, adds an authentic and cultural touch to the studio. The Athangudi tiles, which are handmade and colorful, are also a lovely addition and can add vibrancy to the space.

The custom-made refurb furniture can be specifically designed to complement the ambiance of the studio and provide comfort and support during yoga sessions. The ample natural light and ventilation can create a calming and refreshing environment that enhances the yoga experience.

Overall, the combination of design elements and attention to detail can make the yoga studio a unique and peaceful oasis for yoga practitioners.